Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hey Loves!!
I'm so happy that we get to have this little corner of the world all to ourselves. Ever since Landon and I became gypsies and started living in multiple temporary residences, I've come to value the world of blogging immensely. I have found that in a world where every person that I dearly love is at least a day's drive away,  the virtual world is the best that I can do when it comes to being "near" to them on a regular basis. I hope that this can be that place for us. I certainly do not attempt to substitute real life for this virtual connection - it doesn't even come close! I just know that I really only see most of you once or twice a year and that it would be wonderful to connect more than that.

I'm excited about the potential for our staying connected and sharing ideas and really sharing life with each other through this beautiful little blog (kudos to the increasingly talented Anna, by the way!).

I hope that none of us will feel any stress or obligation in this, but just feel inspired and encouraged by one another.

I really love you ladies!

 (and I will try not to write all my posts with four paragraphs starting with "I" in the future)


  1. hannah your so cute haha:) and i love ALL of them to. and dont worry i just used i twice ok three times haha:) love you and miss you:)

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one that is conscious about that! I always watch how many times I use "I" in emails, cards, or letters.