Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Photo Tag

I'm a few days delayed in posting this! And I kind of changed the rules - I had just posted picture # 10 from my 1st photo album on my blog last week - so I just picked another picture from that same album for this post. Avery was just 2 months old at the time so all of my pictures in that album are of her. I chose this one because she is in a dress that Anna made out of a pillow case! It was precious...I was just sorting thru Avery's old clothes a few weeks ago and it made me really want another girl so that we could wear them all again!!! Boys clothes just don't compare!


  1. I'm flattered you posted that one. So sweet! Pull that thing out , loosen the top and let her wear it over shorts or a skirt this summer! I am on the prowl for another pillow case so I can make one for me. The only difference will be the length and the bunch.

  2. I love that Avery still looks the same. Precious!