Thursday, March 18, 2010

life changing chicken broth

Anna and Justin instructed me on how to do this. Apparently they have been doing this for quite some time. Maybe you do too. I didn't even know it was possible, was ever conceptualized. If any of you ladies don't do this yet, you should: making your own chicken broth.

Last week I bought a whole chicken. I immediately cut off the breasts; I grilled them that night with some tomatoes and green beans for a delicious dinner.

Then I boiled the crap out of the rest of that chicken in a big monsty pot. Upon Justin and Anna's suggestion, i added some yummies like a cut-up onion, carrots, salt and pepper... I let it boil for a long time (anything else i'm forgetting?).
(photo by Bour3)

Then i strained the liquid into a bowl and let it cool (I covered it and put it outside while we watched a movie).

Then I scraped the condensed fat off the top of it once it had cooled.

My recycling company takes plastic and paper but not glass, so I try not to buy glass, but if i do buy glass, I try to keep every bottle and reuse it. So i have many portion-size (12oz) bottle jars with lids that I poured the chicken broth into (from salsa and jalapenos and spaghetti sauce, etc...). I refrigerated one and put the rest in the freezer (I didn't fill them all the way so they were fine).

Now I have free-range chicken broth stacked in my freezer. Enough to last me the next month or two, and it was a very easy and hands-free process!

I refrigerated the rest of the chicken and just peeled the meat off of the bones a few days later to put in a Chicken Cilantro soup. It was wonderful to get so much use out of one happily-raised chicken.

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