Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Latest Creation

In light of sharing ideas and our latest creations... below you'll find our new centerpiece for our dining room table! It's not 100% complete. I have to go back to Hobby Lobby and get some more flowers (they will have them 50% off at some point, wait for the sale). But it's a start and you get the idea.
For those interested... I started w/the green floral foam in my container. I read some online and everything I read said to start with the tall flowers and then work down to the coverage. So you start and put in your tall flowers that will be your outline/shape. Then do the next layer in (or shorter). Then keep working down until you fill in with the coverage flowers (or whatever you choose to use to cover the green foam).

It really wasn't difficult or hard to figure out. And was a nice Monday night project! I'll post the final product once I'm done.


  1. Hailes, this is awesome! What a great idea. thanks for sharing. I am excited to see pictures of the finished product.

  2. Sweet! I hope you draw my name next year for Christmas!