Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A peek at life in the dorm

Justin and I try to talk about life in general on a regular basis to make sure we are both on the same page as far as what we are doing and feeling. We share our dreams, desires and parenting goals and naturally life's frustrations. It forces us to remember that we are a team. It's hard to keep real and honest, avoiding the curt answer of "Fine." When asked "How's life?"

Sometimes it's heavy and sometimes not so much. One of our latest things that we agreed we wished we could do was to get out to hear some live music on occasion. It's just tough, not to mention expensive with babysitters and planning as many of you well know in this season of rearing these young families.

Well, last night it was like manna from heaven. When you can't go out to a bar because your kids are in bed, well, just invite band right to your living room! These guys are a couple of our students here at the college and when they showed up to our bi-weekly dessert night with their instrument cases in hand, I asked if they might play a couple of songs for us and they followed with a half hour set right here at our place!

They are a very talented duo and are trying to get out to do some gigs in town and are known as "Hearts on a Wire." Keep your eyes out. They plan to put out a CD this summer of some of their work and if you find their group page on Facebook, then you can hear some more of their stuff. "Opus" is extremely good and one of the many they played for us last night. Thank you Tim and Gabe! I hope that y'all enjoy it even half as much as I did.

Check out the video and get a taste of the perks of living on a college campus!

(BTW, remarkably, the kids managed to sleep through the entire concert and a rocking Origami and dessert night! Too bad they missed it.)

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  1. fun! i'm a little jealous over here. between you, JP and diddles, you guys could have an awesome band yourselves!